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Welcome to Impact Publications, your one-stop center for thousands of life-changing resources on employment, education, life skills, and travel. Since founding the company in 1982, my mission has been very clear: produce and distribute the best resources to help individuals and institutions transform lives.
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Exploring major regions, countries, and cities of the world, the authoritative Impact Guides introduce discerning travelers to the intriguing worlds of artisans, craftspeople, and shopkeepers. More than any other travel guides, these unique and compelling "how-to" books take you on a wonderful adventure discovering quality products, outstanding buys, and talented, interesting, and friendly people.

Combining shopping with great restaurants, hotels, and sightseeing, these guides reveal the ultimate in lifestyle shopping. Jam-packed with travel tips, bargaining strategies, and recommended shops, hotels, and restaurants, this collection represents some of today's most exciting travel writing. Best of all, with an Impact Guide you become much more than just another tourist or traveler - you support quality arts, crafts, and design as well as promote local talent, encourage entrepreneurship, and contribute to the development of local economies.

The Impact Guides series (see also The Treasures and Pleasures of...Best of the Best in Travel and Shopping) includes 18 volumes China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Bali, Australia, India, Egypt, Turkey, Italy, France, Mexico, Brazil, Bermuda, and the Caribbean.

For a complete list of the titles in the series, click here.

For more information on the Impact Guides, contact:

Media Relations Department
Impact Publications
9104 Manassas Drive, Suite N
Manassas Park, VA 20111
Tel: 703-361-7300 or 703-361-0255
Fax: 703-335-9486 or 703-730-2834



Praise for The Impact Guides


What Travel Critics and Professionals Say
About Our Travel-Shopping Series


"YOU LEARN MORE ABOUT A PLACE you are visiting when Impact is pointing the way." - The Washington Post

"THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE to shopping in Asia." - Arthur Frommer, The Arthur Frommer Almanac of Travel

"THE BEST travel book I've ever read." - Kathy Osiro, TravelAge West

"AN EXCELLENT, EXHAUSTIVE, AND FASCINATING look at shopping in the's difficult to imagine a shopping tour without this pocket-size book in hand." - Travel & Leisure

"BOOKS IN THE SERIES help travelers recognize quality and gain insight to local customs." - Travel-Holiday

"THE BEST GUIDE I've seen on shopping in Asia. If you enjoy the sport, you'll find it hard to put down...They tell you not only the where and what of shopping but the important how, and all in enormous but easy-to-read detail." - Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"ONE OF THE BEST GUIDEBOOKS of the season - not just shopping strategies, but a Baedeker to getting around...definitely a quality work. Highly recommended." - Arkansas Democrat

"WILL WANT TO LOOK INTO...has shopping strategies and travel tips about making the most of a visit to those areas. The book covers Asia's shopping centers, department stores, emporiums, factory outlets, markets and hotel shopping arcades where visitors can find jewelry, leather goods, woodcarvings, textiles, antiques, cameras, and primitive artifacts." - Chicago Tribune

"FULL OF SUGGESTIONS. The art of bartering, including everyday shopping basics are clearly defined, along with places to hang your hat or lift a fork." - The Washington Post

"A WONDERFUL GUIDE...filled with essential tips as well as a lot of background information...a welcome addition on your trip." - Travel Book Tips

"WELL ORGANIZED AND COMPREHENSIVE BOOK. A useful companion for anyone planning a shopping spree in Asia." - International Living

"OFFERS SOME EXTREMELY VALUABLE INFORMATION and advice about what is all too often a spur-of-the-moment aspect of your overseas travel." - Trip & Tour

"A MORE UNUSUAL, PRACTICAL GUIDE than most and is no mere listing of convenience stores abroad...contains unusual tips on bargaining in tips are some of the most valuable chapters of the guidebook, setting it apart from others which may generalize upon Asia as a whole, or focus upon the well-known Hong Kong shopping pleasures." - The Midwest Book Review

"I LOVED THE BOOK! Why didn't I have this book two months ago!...A valuable guide...very helpful for the first time traveler in Asia...worth packing in the suitcase for a return visit." - Editor,Unique & Exotic Travel Reporter

"VERY USEFUL, PERFECTLY ORGANIZED. Finally a guide that combines Asian shopping opportunities with the tips and know-how to really get the best buys." - National Motorist

"INFORMATION-PACKED PAGES point out where the best shops are located, how to save time when shopping, and where and when to deal...You'll be a smarter travel shopper if you follow the advice of this new book." - AAA World

"DETAILED, AND RELEVANT, EVEN ABSORBING in places...The authors know their subject thoroughly, and the reader can benefit greatly from their advice and tips. They go a long way to removing any mystery or uneasiness about shopping in Asia by the neophyte." - The Small Press Book Review

"AN AMAZING, 'USER FRIENDLY' TOURING, TRAVEL, AND SHOPPING GUIDE. Filled with sensible advice, maps, addresses, tips, great places to go and an easy index, The Treasures and Pleasures of Vietnam and Cambodia covers everything short of being a primer in the native language. Highly recommended for anyone planning a trip to these exotic and beautiful lands...a 'must' for getting the most out of a business or vacation trip to these exotic lands." - Library Bookwatch, Midwest Book Review



What Seasoned Travelers Say, Including Stories That Changed Lives


"YOU TWO ARE AMAZING! You have both added so much to our various travels by introducing us to places we would never see on our own. Thank you!" - C.N., DeKalb, Illinois

"FABULOUS! I've just returned from my third shopping trip to Southeast Asia in three years. This book, which is now wrinkled, torn, and looking much abused, has been my bible for the past three years. All your suggestions (pre-trip) and information was so great. When I get ready to go again, my 'bible' even though tattered and torn, will accompany me again! Thanks again for all your wonderful knowledge, and for sharing it!" - D.P., Havertown, Pennsylvania

"I LOVE IT. I've read a lot of travel books, and of all the books of this nature, this is the best I've ever read. Especially for first timers, the how-to information is invaluable." - A.K., Portland, Oregon

"THE BEST TRAVEL BOOK I'VE EVER READ. Believe me, I know my travel books!" - S.T., Washington, DC

"MANY MANY THANKS for your wonderful, useful travel guide! You have done a tremendous job. It is so complete and precise and full of neat info." - K.H., Seattle, Washington

"FABULOUS BOOK! I just came back from Hong Kong, Thailand, and Singapore and found your book invaluable. Every place you recommended I found wonderful quality shopping. Send me another copy for my friend in Singapore who was fascinated with it." - M.G., Escondido, California

"THIS IS MY FIRST FAN LETTER TO A made our trip to Indonesia more special than I can ever say. I not only carried it in my backpack everyday, I shared it with everyone I met, including a friend in Hong Kong, who liked it so much he kept it and I had to go out and buy another copy for myself when I got back stateside. The book taught us the customs, and through your teachings on how to bargain, I would even draw crowds to watch the Westerner bargain, and some wonderful chats afterwards, always starting off with 'You good bargainer. Where you from?' It was a wonderful trip and we credit your book for making it so. Thank you from my husband and myself, and everyone else we shared your book with." - N.H., New York, New York

"YOU SAVED ME...hurry up with the next book so I can find out what I did wrong in Burma!" - N.H., Chiang Mai, Thailand

"I FURNISHED MY HOME IN FLORIDA using your wonderful books. What countries are you doing next?" -A.A., New York City

"I WANT YOU TO KNOW HOW MUCH I ENJOYED YOUR BOOK. Like many people, I picked up a ton of guide books to China before we took off on our trip in May. However, yours was totally unique, and it was not until we had finished our trip that I fully appreciated everything you covered. It was also the only guidebook I took with us. Your book was the only one that mentioned the Painter's Village in Chongqing. When we arrived in Chongqing early in the morning, our guide told me the village was included in the tour, but several people wanted to skip it and go to the zoo. Fortunately, I was able to lobby the many art lovers on the tour by showing them what you had to say about the village and we did end up visiting it. It was a lovely day and the flowers were in bloom in the gardens surrounding the village. We were greeted warmly and enjoyed visiting some of the artists. I purchased two numbered prints and, although I did not meet the artist, I did get his business card. Once home, the prints were framed and I took a picture of them and wrote to the artist to see what he could tell me about them. Imagine my surprise when several weeks later I received an e-mail from him. His mother and father, both famous artists, lived in the village and his mother had forwarded my letter to their son who now lives in Tokyo. He is a well known illustrator...We have been corresponding by e-mail for nearly a year and I have been helping him with his English and in doing his website in English...We are looking forward to the day when we can have him visit us in California. Thank you for leading us to one of the highlights of Chongqing for without that experience we would not have found a new and valued friend who has taught us much about China and life under Mao." - C.S., California

"I'VE USED YOUR BOOKS FOR YEARS - earlier, the book on shopping in Thailand was wonderful and more recently your best of India has been very useful." - S.M., Prince George, British Columbia, Canada

"I WOULD JUST LIKE TO SAY HOW MUCH I ENJOY YOUR SERIES. I have been an avid shopper and traveler for many years and it has often been difficult finding even a decent chapter on shopping, let alone an entire book. Your guides are a wonderful contribution to the industry." - H.P., Honolulu, Hawaii

"GREAT! I followed your advice in Bangkok and Hong Kong and it was great. Thanks again." - B.G., Los Angeles, California

"WE ADORE ASIA! We like it better than any other part of the world...We have copies of your earlier editions and they are our "Asian Bibles." We also want to compliment you on doing such a masterful research job, especially on what to buy and where. Thanks to you we have some beautiful and treasured pieces from Asia. We could not have done it without your books." - L.C., Palm Beach, Florida

"WE TOOK YOUR BOOK (to China) and had to concur with everything you said. We could hardly believe that 80-90% discounts were in order, but we soon found out that they were!! The Friendship Stores were everything you described. Many thanks for the book, it certainly was help." - L.G., Adelaide, Australia

"WE LOVED THE GUIDE. It's wonderful (Rio and Sao Paulo). We don't have anything like this in Sao Paulo." - M.M., Sao Paulo, Brazil

"AFTER REVIEWING MANY TRAVEL GUIDES, I chose this book (China) to buy because it gave me not only insight to the same cities I am about to tour, but the how to's;s as well. With limited time in each city, I can go directly to the "best of the best" in accommodations, restaurants, sightseeing, entertaining, and shopping. It has also supplied me with advice on how to bargain!" - an customer

"LOVE YOUR GUIDE to India. Thanks so much." - B.P., Minneapolis, Minnesota

"YOUR STYLE OF WRITING AND OBSERVATIONS ARE 'SPOT ON'. Your suggested itineraries and sites to visit (in Vietnam and Cambodia) are simply the best possible and your observations of them are realistic, manageable, and appropriate to the 'average' traveler as well as to those with special interests...another superb title in an excellent series." - L.G., Adelaide, Australia

"A WONDERFUL CONCEPT...You've certainly done a lot of research both in Vietnam and over the Net. I'm ashamed to say that you know more about Saigon than this four-year resident, which goes to show that I need to do more than just work in this city! I think the "Treasures and Pleasures" series is a wonderful concept. I don't know of any other travel guides that deal primarily with shopping." - Q.P., Vietnam

"A MUST HAVE read for our travel group to Vietnam." - S.B., Maryland

"I JUST WANTED TO THANK YOU for your shopping guide to Vietnam and Cambodia. We just spent our month-long honeymoon in Vietnam and it was very helpful to have read your book and to use it as a reference as we went along." - H.F., San Francisco

"THANK YOU so much for the wonderful shopping recommendations on Johannesburg and Namibia. I did want to let you know how grateful we were to have your recommendations with us." - M.S., Los Angeles



TITLES IN SERIES: The Treasures and Pleasures of ...


For more information on Ron Krannich, click here or contact as follows:

Ron Krannich, Ph.D.
Impact Publications
9104 Manassas Drive, Suite N
Manassas Park, VA 20111
Ph: 703-361-7300 or Fax: 703-335-9486








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