Most of our shipments are sent via UPS Ground and require a street delivery address.

Our domestic and international shipping rates are automatically calculated through the online shopping cart.
Domestic shipping ranges from 5 to 8 percent of the total order cost, depending on the size of the order.
International shipping rates range from 10 to 20 percent of the total order.
If you choose not to use the shopping cart, please e-mail us your shipping request by using our downloadable order form. Please tell us what you are ordering, or give us the subtotal so we can calculate an accurate figure.

Delivery Time
Many of our products are shipped within 24 hours. Others may take longer. If you have any questions about the shipping time for particular items, please ask us, so we can give you a definitive answer.

Questions Our Customers Ask About Shipping

Can I have you send the item to another address or person?
Yes, but be sure to give us their complete street delivery address. No P.O. Box numbers, please.

Will you ship to P.O. Box numbers?
Not unless it is absolutely necessary. We need street delivery addresses since we normally ship by UPS and thus can automatically track your shipment online.

If you only give us your P.O. Box number as your shipping address, your shipment may be delayed for several days as we try to figure out your street delivery address. We also need to take it to the Post Office and insure it – a very time-consuming process that will delay your shipment.

Will you ship to APO addresses?
Yes, but be sure to give us the complete APO address – and be patient because your purchase is at the mercy of the U.S. Postal Service and other who are likely to handle your shipment.

Please allow extra time for delivery since APO addresses require packages to be taken physically to the Post Office and processed with an archaic Customs form – a very time-consuming process which we do not do on a daily basis.

And if you don&’t get your shipment, it may take weeks to trace even well-insured packages. We try our best to meet the needs of our military and government customers in faraway places, but we have little control over this amazing USPS delivery system.

Can you ship to prisons, jails, and detention centers?
Yes, we regularly ship by UPS to those places. Be sure to give us the complete street delivery address, since some UPS drivers have difficulty delivering packages that only bear the name of the institution, community, box number, or name of road, even though the institution may be the only act in town.

If you want us to ship to a friend or relative who is an inmate, be sure you have his or her number since most institutions only deliver to a number, not a name.

Do you ship collect?
No, all orders must be pre-paid with the shipping cost added to the total on the invoice.

Do you ship abroad?
Yes, but the shipment may take some time to reach you, because it requires taking the package to the Post Office and completing Customs paperwork, which is not a daily activity for us.

We usually ship by air mail, with preference for Global Priority Mail for items weighing under three pounds. However, some countries, such as Italy and Egypt, do not have Global Priority Mail service.

When you order online, be sure to check the international shipping box. Our international shipping rates are “best guesses” until we physically take a package to the Post Office to get the official rates.

If the actual air mail shipping rate is higher than indicated in your shopping cart, we will charge your credit card for the additional amount.

If you don’t want us to ship by air mail, please indicate this preference when you order. Otherwise, your shipment will come by air mail.

I need this item by tomorrow. How quickly can you get it to me?
Okay, let’s give your order a good try. It depends on the item, where you’re located, and what time of day (EST) you make this request. We’ll do whatever it takes to fulfill your special request.

Keep in mind that it may be difficult to ship your order by Next-Day Air (UPS or FedEx) if we receive your order after 2:00 PM (EST), but we’ll still try. See the Rush Orders section of “Customer Care” for information on the additional costs of such services.

Rush Orders

If your order is time sensitive – you need it by tomorrow or the next day – please contact us by phone with your special shipping request. We’ll try our best to ship according to your special instructions.
Whether or not we can deliver the item within your time frame depends on the item, your geographical location, and the time of day you make this request. Please keep in mind that it may be difficult to ship your order by Next-Day Air (UPS or FedEx) if we receive your request after 2:00 PM (EST), but we’ll still try.

All Next-Day Air and Second-Day Air shipments will incur additional shipping costs. For example, a book weighing one pound and sent Next-Day Air may cost $30 to ship.

When you contact us, we’ll let you know what the additional shipping will cost and whether or not we can make a timely delivery according to your instructions.