Your Career in Nursing


Shows you how to make the changing health care industry work for you.

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By Annette Vallano
This book from Kaplan gives sound advice for nurses at any stage of a career as they face the ever-evolving world of health care.
Using a warm, personal approach, Annette Vallano encourages nurses to take a proactive role in managing their careers and offers advice on clinical skills, career advancement, and practical business tips for entrepreneurial and freelance nurses.
In addition, Your Career in Nursing features profiles of real nurses who have advanced their careers or changed their specialization.
324 pages. Softcover. 2011.
Chapter 1: The 21st Century Nurse
Chapter 2: The World of Nursing Practice
Chapter 3: The State of Nursing Education
Chapter 4: The Nurse and Technology
Chapter 5: The Newly Graduated Nurse
Chapter 6: The Second Career Nurse
Chapter 7: The Older Nurse
Chapter 8: Men: The Changing Face of Nursing
Chapter 9: Becoming the Nurse CEO of You, Inc.
Chapter 10: The Product Development Department of You, Inc.
Chapter 11: The Market Research Department of You, Inc.
Chapter 12: The Planning Department of You, Inc.
Chapter 13: The Networking Department of You, Inc.
Chapter 14: The Advertising Department of You, Inc.: Your Resume
Chapter 15: The Sales Department of You, Inc.: Interview Skills
Chapter 16: The Resilient Nurse: Self-Care Strategies


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