You Could Be Fired for Reading This Book


This book tells employees how to maximize their job protection, to try to avoid being fired at any time or without warning.

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According to author Glenn Solomon, the “at-will” employment rule has undermined economic security and basic civil rights for decades. In this book he exposes it for what it is and tells workers how to maximize their job protection. The rule essentially is that anyone can be fired at any time, with or without warning, for any reason not specifically prohibited by law (such as race). Moreover, it is extremely difficult to prove wrongful termination in court. The book discusses exceptions to the rule (government and union workers) and dispels popular myths about employee rights (many people believe they can only be fired for just cause).
Although it deals with sometimes complex legal concepts, the book is written in a style accessible to the average reader. Real-life cases illustrate the author’s points throughout. Important topics include contracts, discrimination, deciding whether or not to sue, and setting a damage amount. Solomon concludes with a proposal for a “workplace without fear” and replaces the at-will rule with a for-cause standard for terminating employment. 150 pages. 2004. $14.95.


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