You Can Solve It! Series (DVDs)


These innovative programs address important issues middle schoolers face daily.

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These innovative DVDs address important issues middle schoolers face daily: how to handle situations that provoke anger in themselves and others; how to deal with decisions that test their character; and what to do about harassment and bullying.

Each video is made up of short, open-ended scenarios followed by in-depth questions that ask students how they would deal with the situation. The videos spark discussion and get kids thinking and talking about issues they might otherwise ignore.

The series includes:

  • You Can Solve It! Character

    Six character traits (respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, trustworthiness, and good citizenship) are examined in open-ended scenarios that challenge teens to consider their own ethical values.

  • You Can Solve It! Harassment

    Young teens see harassment daily. Some are perpetrators, some are victims, and all are witnesses. What should you do if you are harassed? What should you do if you see harassment? These four scenarios help teens find answers to those questions.

  • You Can Solve It! Anger

    Five short, true-to-life scenarios examine the many faces of anger. Viewers are asked how each character could have handled the situation in a way that would diffuse the anger and help to find a positive solution to the problem at hand.

Includes three Teacher Versions (DVDs with CDs that contain teacher’s guides in PDF format) suitable for Grades 5-9. 2007. Each DVD can be ordered separately for $129.95; please see the Product Options box above when ordering. SPECIAL: $379.95 for the DVD series.




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