Writing Your NSPS Self-Assessment (with CD-ROM)


Guide to Writing Accomplishments for DOD Employees and Supervisors

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By Kathryn K. Troutman and Nancy H. Segal

This unique, first-ever book is a must-read by every employee and supervisor in the U.S. Department of Defense. It shows how to write an effective self-assessment that can change your career.

The book helps you:

  • Understand the NSPS writing process
  • Complete all the NSPS employee requirements as painlessly as possible in 10 clear, straightforward steps
  • Transform you position description into SMART job objectives
  • Showcase your best accomplishments in your self-assessment
  • Demonstrate how you contributed toward your organization’s mission
  • Use keywords to make your self-assessment stand out
  • Improve the look and readability of your PAA form
  • NSPS Overview
  • Step 1: Get Your Organization’s Mission Statement
  • Step 2: Find Your Position Description or Resume
  • Step 3: Write Your Job Objectives
  • Step 4: Select Your Contributing Factors
  • Step 5: Conversations With Your Supervisor
  • Step 6: Review Your Performance Indicators and Benchmark Descriptors
  • Step 7: Track Your Accomplishments
  • Step 8: Draft Your Self-Assessment
  • Step 9: Add Your Keywords
  • Step 10: Complete the PAA
Includes an appendix, charts, and exercises. Also includes a CD-ROM. 180 pages. Softcover. 8.5 x 11. August 2008.



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