Workshop Safety Series (DVDs)


The 5 videos in this series address various aspects of workshop skills: auto shop, welding, electricity, woodworking safety, chemistry lab.

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#2609. This series of five videos, Workshop Safety, addresses various aspects of workshop skills. The titles in the series are:
  • Workshop Safety: The Auto Shop. This program examines correct and safe procedures when working in an auto shop. It is designed for high school students or others who have little or no experience in working in a shop environment. Set in actual high school shop conditions, Auto Shop discusses potentially hazardous situations and summarizes how to quickly and efficiently deal with them.Topics covered include: Dressing for safety, Fire hazards and prevention, Jack usage, Power tool usage, Fumes and proper ventilation, The importance of housekeeping. Viewing time: 16 minutes. Closed-captioned.
  • Workshop Safety: The Welding Class. Shown in an actual class setting, Welding Class instructs both students and teachers about the dangers of welding, and how to avoid serious injury or death when working with welding equipment. Welders are exposed to extreme heat and hazardous situations on an everyday basis.This DVD teaches students how welders deal with these circumstances, as well as what makes a successful welder. Topics covered include: What is welding?, Arc vs. Oxyacetylene welding, Electrical and gas hazards, Protective equipment, Safe equipment usage, Fire safety, Schooling/skills required for becoming a welder, Careers in welding. Viewing time: 16 minutes. Not closed-captioned.
  • Workshop Safety: Working Around Electricity. Many students and teachers are injured each year because of their carelessness around electricity. Electricity can be either a friend or a foe. Improper usage or ignorance of electrical safety hazards can result in one of the thousands of electrical accidents that happen every year.An average of 300 electrocutions, 12,000 shock and burn injuries and 150,000 electrical fires are reported annually! Topics covered include: Overview of conductors and insulators, Extension cord use, Proper wattage, Recognition of defects in electrical equipment. Viewing time: 15 minutes. Not closed-captioned.
  • Workshop Safety: Safety in the Woodshop. This video is a necessary addition to any school woodshop. Designed for students who have little experience handling woodworking equipment, this program teaches students the importance of safe work practices, in order to prevent injury or even death. Filmed in actual high school shop conditions, Woodshop clearly runs through potentially hazardous situations and summarizes how to quickly and efficiently deal with them.Topics covered include: Proper knowledge of safety rules, Material handling, Wood storage and inspection, Equipment usage, Lifting techniques, Fire prevention, The importance of housekeeping, What to do in case of emergency. Viewing time: 13 minutes. Closed-captioned.
  • Workshop Safety: The Chemistry Laboratory. This program gives a first-hand look at the ins and outs of a laboratory. From Fume Hoods to Personal Protective Equipment, this program is a must-see for students attending a chemistry class for the first time. Since the laboratory has so many hazards associated with it, preventing injuries to students is essential.This program chronicles the workings of a laboratory along with environmental concerns. Topics covered include: Covering proper techniques, Chemical glassware, Protective equipment, Housekeeping and more. Viewing time: 16 minutes. Not closed-captioned.
All are copyright 2007. SPECIAL: The complete series for $350.00. Each can be purchase separately for $79.95.



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Complete 4-DVD Series, Auto Shop DVD, Welding Class DVD, Working Around Electricity DVD, Safety in the Woodshop DVD, Chemistry Laboratory


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