Workplace Basics: Essential Skills for Success (DVD)


Focuses on self-management skills, creative thinking and problem-solving, computer literacy, reading, writing, math competency, and communication skills.

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#6278   This program will convince students of the direct connection between the skills they learn in school and their success later in the workplace. It focuses on the following skills:

  • self-management skills – Lucy loved science experiments in school. She is employed as a lab assistant, where her sense of responsibility, eagerness to learn, and willingness to admit the occasional mistake has made her an invaluable employee.
  • creative thinking and problem-solving – When Mr. Leslie reminds Lyle that accounting is waiting for invoices, he says that his email is down. Lyle learns the role problem-solving and taking the initiative have in how his employer views his performance.
  • computer literacy – Kim is having trouble getting a job because of her lack of computer skills. Marc encourages her to take a course so she can get out of her dead-end job at a fast-food restaurant and get an interesting job.
  • communication skills – Tanya learns that eye contact, good listening skills, being respectful, and understanding how to get your point across in written communications are the skills employers look for.
  • the three R’s – Jackie makes lots of computational errors at work. Lucy suggests Jackie take a remedial course so she doesn’t lose her job. Students learn that if you don’t have basic reading, writing, and math skills, you are at a basic disadvantage.

Suitable for Grades 7-12. DVD, including a CD containing a teacher’s guide in PDF format. 24 minutes. 2006.

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Work Basics DVD, Complete Career Education Series, 6 DVDs


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