Work It Out! Workshop (program)


Turn disagreements into growth opportunities with this multimedia conflict management workshop.

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Turn disagreements into growth opportunities with this multimedia conflict management workshop. The Work It Out! DVD and teacher’s guide, six laminated, unframed posters, and workbooks (10 student editions and 1 teacher edition) are highly effective tools for teaching students that conflicts can be resolved effectively and nonviolently. 2005. Can order each separately. $184.95 for the complete program.

Components of this program include:

  • Work It Out! DVD – Last year’s Spring Fling at Jefferson High School was a total disaster, and this year’s student committee doesn’t want it to happen again! But can the group put aside the past and work together to create a successful dance?

    This video models four key conflict resolution strategies: taking the person out of the problem; focusing on issues, not egos; being objective; and creating win-win solutions.

    Your students will learn that differences are a part of who we are – and that while we may not get along with each other all the time, we do have to find positive ways to work out our disagreements. Available in DVD format only. English-language subtitled.

  • Work It Out! Posters – These six 17″ x 22″ posters summarize the conflict resolution process and give tips on how to implement it, step by step.
  • Work It Out! Workbooks – The student edition of the workbook contains information, self-exploration questions, and group activities that reinforce the four key conflict resolution strategies modeled in the DVD.

    The teacher edition will help you integrate those questions and activities into the presentation and discussion of the DVD. Ten student-edition workbooks and one teacher-edition workbook. Additional 10-packs of the student workbooks are available.




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