Women Who Worry Too Much


Discusses how to stop worry and anxiety from ruining work, relationships, and fun.

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By Holly Hazlett-Stevens, Ph.D.

#5991.  The goal of this book is to help readers control excessive worry by learning to perceive threats more accurately and to stop focusing on things that are unlikely to happen.

An introduction by noted psychologist Michelle Craske explores the reasons women worry more than men. The book then addresses the fundamentals of worry: what it is, how it differs from anxiety, and how it can develop into a chronic state of mind.

Strategies are given for overcoming worry that include monitoring personal worry triggers, breaking worry-provoking habits, and avoiding avoidance – a major aggravating factor for all anxiety disorders.

Readers will learn to use mindfulness techniques to avoid ruminating on the past or the future and how to use progressive relaxation to cope with worrisome situations.

It offers women simple and effective cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness-based strategies for dealing with excessive worry, freeing them to lead more productive, less stressful lives.

184 pages. 5¼ x 7½. Softcover. August 2005.




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