Women Probationers: Supervision and Success


Addresses the different needs and requirements of female probationers.

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By Earlene Festervan

More than one in five probationers in the United States is female. Female probationers have different needs and requirements from their male counterparts. It is your responsibility to know how to effectively manage these differences. Not sure whether you are succeeding in this goal? You will be, after reading Women Probationers: Supervision and Success. The author draws upon her many years in the field to provide this very insightful guide to women on probation. 132 pages. 2003.

Chapters include:

  • Who Are These Women?
  • Casework with the Female Offender
  • Developing a Philosophy and Mission
  • Problem Behaviors and Ways to Handle Them
  • Employment and Education
  • Sick, Crazy, and Pregnant
  • Relationships
  • Substance Abuse Issues
  • Residential Programs




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