Why Bother? Finding the Will to Go On (DVD)


Answers the question of how inmates and ex-offenders can keep hope alive when they seem to face a hopeless situation.

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By Ned Rollo

The most dangerous, destructive person is one who simply doesn’t care!

#4501  This program addresses the key issues of motivation, morale, and self-development. How can inmates and ex-offenders keep hope alive when they seem to face a hopeless situation? Offenders’ reactions to the correctional experience typically include terror, isolation, alienation, hostility, acute depression, emotional instability, and the ultimate soul-killer, hopelessness.
With every heartbeat dedicated to stark survival, little remains with which to pursue positive goals or a higher quality of life. The tendency for ex-offenders is to live for the moment.

Thus, the motivation required for self-development is often overshadowed by the overriding question: “WHY BOTHER?!” Why go on, why try, why care, why hope, why change? Without the ability to come up with practical, convincing answers to these questions, offenders see little logic in aspiring to self-improvement.

This DVD is designed to help offenders constructively answer the question, “WHY BOTHER?” Its goal is to effectively empower the inmate in his or her efforts to build and sustain a motivational foundation based on a sense of “connection and concern” on a positive sense of “community” and the realistic hope of future good.

Its message is very clear: Life is worth living when you have hopes and dreams to pursue.

This hard-hitting presentation is delivered by Ned Rollo, a nationally recognized correctional training specialist, as well as an ex-offender and recovering addict, with 36 years direct experience in the corrections field.

A “must have” video for all correctional institutions and others concerned with changing the lives of inmates and ex-offenders, including long-timers and lifers.

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Viewing time: 28 minutes. November 2005. $119.95. SPECIALS: Five copies for $539.00; 10 copies for $979.00.



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