Unofficial Guide to Landing a Job


Explains how employers make hiring decisions and what makes some job seekers more successful than others.

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By L. Michelle Tullier

This book takes readers from the job search to negotiating the offer in a comprehensive guide to finding, interviewing, and landing the job of their choice. From explaining how hiring decisions are made to settling in and career management steps, this greatly expanded version of The Unofficial Guide to Acing the Interview is an all-inclusive handbook for the successful job-seeker.

Six main ideas create a manual that covers all the bases.

  • What you need to know about getting hired
  • Developing your job search strategy
  • Preparing your self-marketing tools
  • Finding the jobs
  • Interviewing
  • Landing the job

The Unofficial Guide to Landing a Job is more than a crash course. It offers an in-depth perspective on the whole process of a job search. By first introducing the job-seeker to the inside world of hiring decisions, then identifying the need for the reader to “know thyself” – what you have to offer – the reader is able to determine what they are looking for, what they would be good at and enjoy.

There is no stone left unturned. Resumes, communication techniques, and letter-writing are discussed, along with knowing the labor market, networking, researching potential employers, and online job hunting. Readers also learn about clinching the deal, negotiating offers, and dealing with rejection. 476 pages. 2005.




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