Understanding Fatherhood (DVD, USB, or PowerPoint Class)


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#9684  Understanding Fatherhood video program provides an easy and effective way to teach dads about the important role they play in pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Broken into short clips, the program combines interviews with real dads and advice from a fatherhood expert with evidence-based information and a bit of humor. Allows for plenty of spontaneity and opportunities for dads to reflect and share!

Videos include:

  • The Importance of Fathers
  • The Pregnant Father
  • So Much Stuff!
  • Partner in Birth
  • Parent Training Wheels (The Hospital Stay)
  • Going Home & Getting Real
  • Build a Bond (Ways to Connect with a Newborn)
  • He Says, She Says (Partner Communication)
  • Dads & Depression
  • The Joy of Fatherhood
  • BONUS: How Dads Support Breastfeeding

An easy-to-use menu allows you to choose to play videos by chapter, by clip, or play all!

Spanish version coming soon.

Formats/pricing: DVD ($249.95), USB ($249.95), or PowerPoint Class ($369.95)

Production date — 2020. 40 minutes. Includes facilitator’s guide and parent handouts.




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DVD Version, USB Version, PowerPoint Class


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