True Coming of Age


Helps readers assess the degree to which they are, or are not, connected to the True Self and shows them how they can reconnect.

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By John Chirban

Life’s authentic moments provide the groundwork for connection to ourselves, others, and God, allowing us to assess what is most important in our lives and uncover the True Self. Such moments of clarity often result from crises, such as illness or loss, that awaken us to what is truly valuable. How can this be achieved in everyday living? This book helps us assess the degree to which we are, or are not, connected to the True Self and shows us how we can reconnect.

From everyday men and women to notable Americans, including Tom Brokaw, Ron Howard, Maya Angelou, and Sandra Day O’Connor, the stories featured in this book underscore Dr. Chirban’s message of the costs of losing the True Self, as well as the rewards of opening the heart to oneself and others. He also examines the seven intrinsic qualities of the True Self: spontaneity, reasoning, creativity, free will, spirituality, discernment, and love.

Six illustrations. 288 pages. Softcover. 2004.




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