Treasures and Pleasures of Paris and the French Riviera


Reveals the many secrets of exploring several of Frances most popular destinations – Paris, Cannes, Nice, and Monaco.

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ISBN: 1-57023-057-9

By Ron and Caryl Krannich, Ph.Ds

The majority of France’s 60 million visitors head for Paris and the French Riviera where they encounter some of the world’s finest shopping, dining, and sightseeing. What is it they do that gives them so much pleasure? What treasures do they acquire in the process of enjoying some of the world’s finest destinations?

This volume in the popular Impact Guides series, The Treasures and Pleasures of Paris and the French Riviera: Best of the Best, reveals the many secrets of exploring several of France’s most popular destinations.

What more can be said about Paris – the city of lights, romance, and the ostensible good life? Above all, Paris is a visual and sensual feast. It exudes class and quality. It may even speak to you. Learn why so many people fall in love with this fabulous city by shopping its many quality boutiques and galleries, visiting its outstanding museums and monuments, and dining in its delightful cafs and restaurants. Paris is much more than a big city with lots of wonderful Right Bank and Left Bank attractions. Capturing the unique qualities of Paris, the book helps discover the many treasures and pleasures that may bring you back to this city again and again.

But you must go beyond Paris if you want to experience other aspects of France. The book highly recommends visiting the French Riviera where you can enjoy the many treasures and pleasures of Monaco, Nice, Cannes, and nearby villages. The cities, towns, and villages in this unique part of France offer a wonderful array of arts and crafts along with excellent museums, beaches, restaurants, hotels, and entertainment. While noted as a major playground for Europe’s rich and famous, this area has much to offer any visitor to southeast France. Be sure to visit the galleries and factories in the delightful villages and towns of St. Paul, Biot, and Vallauris. You’ll quickly come away with some wonderful arts and crafts that make this area so attractive to the thousands of visitors that stroll its streets each year. 282 pages. 1997.


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