Treasures and Pleasures of India


Bustling, colorful, intoxicating, and addictive, India is the ultimate in-your-face shopping and travel adventure.

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ISBN: 1-57023-056-0

By Ron and Caryl Krannich, Ph.Ds

It’s an unforgettable adventure, a place that yields great travel tales – and terrific shopping. Bustling, colorful, intoxicating, and addictive, India is the ultimate in-your-face shopping and travel adventure. Spend a few weeks here and India may well change your life, as well as your whole perspective on international travel.

No doubt about it – there’s never a dull moment in this fascinating country of over 1 billion people. A visual feast of heady chaos, India is unlike any other country you may have visited. It beats to its own drummer, who is loud but never quite clear, nor in time, nor in tune. Above all, India is a shopper’s paradise for everything from tempting jewelry, textiles, and metal work to inexpensive handicrafts, furniture, and home decorative items. So pack lightly and take an extra bag with you since you’re likely to acquire many delightful treasures along the way.

That’s the central message and focus of this Impact Guide, The Treasures and Pleasures of India: Best of the Best. Much more than just a travel guide, this ground-breaking book uncovers India’s finest treasures and pleasures in the streets, bazaars, and shopping arcades of nine Indias – Mumbai (Bombay), Delhi, Varanasi, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Hyderabad, and Chennai (Madras).

Exploring the best of the best in each city, the book:

  • Identifies three pricing and five shopping cultures
  • Reveals 21 shopping rules applicable to most of India
  • Outlines 12 rules for bargaining like a pro and winning the game
  • Warns about tour guides who get 30-40% commissions
  • Offers useful tips on packing, shipping, tipping, and baksheesh
  • Advises the best ways to handle touts and avoid scams
  • Shows the what, where, and how of shopping in each city
  • Specifies names and addresses of the best places to shop
  • Details the best hotels, restaurants, sightseeing, and entertainment
  • Supports the continuing growth of arts and crafts

While nothing comes easy in India, with this practical guide India’s many treasures and pleasures become easily accessible. The “New India” uncovered in this unique book consists of fine shops, hotels, restaurants, sites, and entertainment. Best of all, if you follow the sound advice of this guidebook, you should have an absolutely marvelous time shopping and traveling a very different India than the one portrayed in most other travel guides. You’ll return home with a treasure-trove of wonderful products and memories to cherish for a lifetime. 352 pages. 2000.


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