Top Notch Executive Interviews


Describes How to strategically deal with recruiters, search firms, boards of directors, panels, presentations, pre-interviews, and other high-stress situations

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By Katharine Hansen, Ph.D.

In these turbulent times, the job interview game is more convoluted than ever for executives. They face a longer interview process, must demonstrate a vision to meet the prospective employer’s challenges, and will undergo intense vetting before receiving a job offer.

Top Notch Executive Interviews reveals what employers really want and expect to see in executive candidate interview behavior and content.

The book covers the executive interview difference, case studies of senior-level managers in sticky interview situations, and hiring decision-maker interview peeves and preferences – all of which make it a must-have book.

It critically examines the differences that distinguish executive-level interviews from all others, along with providing:

  • extensive information on leveraging relationships with recruiters
  • numerous sample interview questions and suggested responses
  • a comprehensive list of sample questions to ask the interviewer

Special additional features include:

  • detailed tips on how to land an interview and conduct pre-interview research
  • the importance of nonverbal behavior and attire
  • a thorough guide to interview formats
  • an interviewing checklist
  • a chapter on tricky interview situations
  • a directory of executive-interview coaches
  • post-interview chapters covering thank-yous, follow-ups, references, vetting, and background checks, plus negotiating and weighing job offers
224 pages. Softcover. October 2009.
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