Top 9 1/2 Ways to Resolve Conflicts (DVD)


Helps viewers develop the right attitude to manage conflicts successfully.

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Whether we face conflicts at work or in our personal lives, it’s extremely important to learn how to handle them. The first step in dealing with conflict is to understand that we can approach it either as an obstacle or as an opportunity.

This insightful video explores the differences between obstacles and opportunities. Ways to turn situations around so they do not escalate into catastrophes and the bottom-line consequences of conflicts in the workplace are discussed.

Turning conflicts into positive situations helps us broaden our lives, build relationships, develop new skills, and more. Conflict is guaranteed to happen, and this video will aid in developing the correct attitude to deal successfully with conflict.

$98.00 for the video alone; $125.00 for the video plus worksheets. Please see the Product Options box above when ordering.




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