The Truth About Liars (SV & DVD)


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#10020   Like it or not, humans are adept at the art of lying. Drawing upon the fields of psychology, sociology, technology, philosophy, and criminology, this program sheds light on the complex realities of untruthfulness through the work of researchers who have made lying a subject of profound study: Professor Bella DePaulo, an expert on the communication of deception; Professor Maureen O’Sullivan, an authority on social-emotional intelligence, lie detection, and facial expression recognition; Paul Ekman, developer of the Micro Expression Training Tool; Cornell University’s Jeff Hancock, an expert on digital deception in computer-mediated environments; David Livingstone Smith, a philosopher dedicated to analyzing the link between nature and deception; forensic psychologist Stephen Porter; and Ken Alder, author of The Lie Detectors, a study of the polygraph machine.

© 2008. 53 minutes running time. FORMAT/PURCHASE OPTIONS: 3-Year Streaming Video Subscription for $169.95; DVD for $169.95; Streaming Video + DVD for $309.95.






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