The Quick Workbook Series: 8 Easy Reads That Can Change Lives!


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#9922   These powerful and easy-to-read workbooks (6 x 9 and 64-80 pages each) help individuals quickly improve their financial literacy, explore jobs and careers, conduct an effective job search, find new opportunities, achieve success, and much more.
Can order each title separately for $7.95 per workbook or a package of 10 workbooks for $64.95 (click on individual titles below for more information and additional quantity discounts). SPECIALS: $61.95 for one copy each of all 8 workbooks; $489.00 for 10 copies each of all 8 workbooks (80 workbooks). Titles include:


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1 set of 8 workbooks, 10 sets of 8 workbooks (80)

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