The Military Spouse’s Employment Pocket Guide: Job Strategies for Families With Mobile Lifestyles (2nd Edition)


Jam-packed with essential job search information and tips, the second edition of this popular job search guide assists military spouses in quickly finding and keeping a job. Complete with quizzes, examples, and exercises.

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Ronald L. Krannich, Ph.D.


Military spouses — young, highly educated, and hardworking –

              seek rewarding job and career opportunities.


ISBN  978-1-57023-402-6

#9518  Welcome to the new military family! Today’s 642,000 military spouses are primarily women (92%), young (31.5 years of age), and engaged in the labor force (66% employed). Over 13% are active duty service members (in dual-military marriages). Over 40% have dependent children, and 12% are currently unemployed and looking for work. These are highly educated, talented, and smart spouses – 88% have some post-high school education, 33% process college degrees, and 15% hold postgraduate degrees.

Many military spouses are eager to find interesting jobs or portable careers — either part-time or full-time — that contribute to both their family income and personal growth. They also prefer work that gives them flexibility to manage family affairs and function well within a military community that prizes happy, supportive, and financially stable families.

Above all, many military spouses wish to obtain meaningful employment. This means finding jobs that fit their particular mix of interests, skills, abilities, and motivations — their Motivated Abilities and Skills (MAS).

But being employed is not easy given limited opportunities available to military spouses and the often restrictive nature of military life — frequent relocations, family/community obligations, remote locations, state laws affecting out-of-state residents, and the periodic deployments of family members. Indeed, finding or creating a dream job is often something only a few fortunate military spouses are able to achieve.

Jam-packed with essential job search information and tips, the second edition of this popular job search guide assists military spouses in quickly finding and keeping a job. Complete with quizzes, examples, and exercises, it helps them:

  • organize key job search information
  • specify transferable skills, references, and networks
  • write winning resumes, letters, and applications
  • conduct job interviews and follow up effectively
  • survive, thrive, and advance on the job

It also covers important information relating to:

  • education and training
  • attitudes and goals
  • barriers to employment
  • jobs and employers
  • federal jobs
  • Internet resources
  • employment assistance
  • appointments and addresses

Designed as a personal reference and action companion, this handy 3 7/8” x 4 7/8″ pocket guide easily fits into pockets and handbags. It should help military spouses find satisfying jobs or careers despite institutional, situational, and personal barriers to employment. Using this pocket guide, they will be in a much better position to land a rewarding job — one they do well and enjoy doing. Best of all, they will acquire important attitudes, skills, and motivations to continue finding such jobs regardless of their location and relocation experiences.

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  • The Military Spouse’s Employment World
    • Military Spouse Employment Assistance
    • Recognize Your Barriers to Employment
    • Overcome Barriers to Employment Plan
    • How’s Your Attitude?
    • Military Spouse-Friendly Jobs
    • Community-Based Opportunity Networks
    • Military Spouse-Friendly Employers
    • Top Military-Friendly Employers
    • Research and Contact Local Employers
    • Finding a Federal Job
    • Key Websites for Assistance and Support
    • Useful Books for Military Spouses
  • Job Search Information and Skills
    • Education Snapshot
    • Education/Training Details
    • Work History/Experience
    • Other Noteworthy Experiences
    • Identify Your Best References
    • 10 Steps to Job Search Success
    • Identify Your Transferable Skills
    • Motivated Abilities and Skills (MAS)
    • State a Clear Objective or Goal
    • Complete Winning Applications
    • Avoid Common Resume Mistakes
    • Use the Internet Wisely
    • Network Your Way to Success
    • Prepare for Job Interviews
    • Avoid Common Interview Errors
    • Handle Red Flags Tactfully
    • Prepare to Answer Key Questions
    • Ask Informative Questions
    • Close and Exit the Interview Properly
    • Follow Up the Interview Quickly
    • Avoid 20 Salary Mistakes
    • Accept the Job Offer
  • Job Survival and Success
    • Survive and Thrive on the Job
    • 10 Job Survival Strategies
    • Conduct an Annual Career Check-Up
  • Documentation/Contacts
    • Personal Information
    • Key Contacts/Directory
    • Order Form/Resources


THE AUTHOR: Ronald L. Krannich, Ph.D., has authored more than 100 books including several bestsellers for the military: Military-to-Civilian Success for Veterans and Their Families, The Military-to-Civilian Transition Guide, The Military-to-Civilian Transition Pocket Guide, The Military Spouse’s Map Through the Maze Pocket Guide, The Military Family Benefits Pocket Guide, The Military Family Education Pocket Guide, and The Military Personal Finance Pocket Guide. A former Peace Corps Volunteer, Fulbright Scholar, university professor, and management trainer, Ron specializes in producing and distributing books, DVDs, training programs, and related materials on employment, career transition, addiction, anger management, criminal justice, and life skills.


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