The Freedom Seven: Ex-Offender Re-Entry Pocket Guides and Journal


Today’s best re-entry investment — 7 inexpensive pocket guides and a journal designed to help ex-offenders quickly transition to the free world.

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By Ronald L. Krannich, Ph.D.
#9555   Your best investment in re-entry resources! Used extensively in dozens of re-entry programs, these seven user-friendly resources and terrific giveaways offer a wealth of re-entry information and guidance.
These 6 pocket guides + 1 journal reveal essential street-level survival skills for everything from setting goals, finding housing, and landing a job to organizing finances and acquiring mental health and substance abuse services.
64 pages each. The complete set of 7 guides for $25.95. SPECIALS: 25 sets of 7 guides for $618.95; 100 sets of 7 guides for $1,999.00; 1,000 sets of 7 guides for $16,499.00. 
Also, see the newly released (July 2020) The Road to Reentry Companion Guide (#9685) along with its relevant video training program New Road to Reentry Training Series (#9269).

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