The 12-Step Buddhist: Enhance Recovery From Any Addiction


Integrates Buddhism with the the traditional 12-Step journey to provide the wisdom and meditations that can help addicts find a deep, spiritual liberation from all causes and conditions of suffering.

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By Darren Littlejohn
Although the 12-Step program by itself can often bring initial success, many addicts and alcoholics find themselves relapsing back into old ways and old patterns, or replacing one addiction with another.
Author Darren Littlejohn has been there and back, and presents a complementary guide for recovery to the traditional 12-Step program, out of his own struggles and successes through the study of Zen and Tibetan Buddhism.
Working with the traditional 12-Step philosophy, the author first shares his own life path, and how he came to find the spiritual solace that has greatly enhanced his life in recovery. Then, he details out how his work integrating Buddhism into the traditional twelve-step programs validates both aspects of the recovery process.
While being careful not to present himself as a Tibetan lama or Zen master, the author shows how each step – such as admitting there is a problem, seeking help, engaging in a thorough self-examination, making amends for harm done, and helping other drug addicts who want to recover – fits into the Bodhisattva path.
This integration makes Buddhism accessible for addicts, and the 12 Steps understandable for Buddhists who may otherwise be at a loss to help those in need.
The 12-Step Buddhist is designed to be a complementary practice to the traditional 12-Step journey, not a replacement. While traditional 12-Step programs help addicts become sober by removing the drug of choice and providing a spiritual path, they rarely delve deep into what causes people to suffer in the first place.
The integration of Buddhism with the traditional process provides the wisdom and meditations that can help addicts truly find a deep, spiritual liberation from all causes and conditions of suffering – for good.
320 pages. Softcover. 2009.


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