Ned Rollo

#9912   Friend and mentor to thousands of ex-offenders experiencing depressing correctional settings, Ned Rollo offers hope beyond the prison walls with his frank and insightful words of wisdom captured in this collection of essential resources. A tireless advocate of criminal justice and prison reform, he emphasizes the importance of changing mindsets and finding renewed meaning, purpose, hope, and love in life. Speaking the unique language of the incarcerated who seek to change their lives for good, Ned’s five inspirational books and DVD testify to how one can change lives both inside and outside the prison walls. With his recent passing (December 2021), we celebrate his life with this collection of key self-renewal and re-entry resources produced by Ned. Can purchase separately. SPECIAL: $139.95 for complete collection.

Also, see the related Ned Rollo Freedom Collection: Ex-Offender Survival, Motivation, and Re-Entry (#8763).


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