Stepping On Up With Michael Pritchard (4-DVD guidance series)


This new 4-part guidance series is for grades 3-6 on bullying, cyber bullying, character, and life skills. Teachers, librarians, counselors, etc. will find it an invaluable curriculum enhancement.

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#8224   Stepping On Up with Michael Pritchard provides teachers, librarians, counselors, social workers, and after-school program staff with a lively and powerful catalyst for group discussion and an invaluable enhancement to any character education, life skills or anti-bullying curriculum.

Developed by the producer of LifeSteps and You Can Choose! and hosted by Michael Pritchard, this research-based series instills the necessary social and emotional skills to successfully navigate the profound challenges and changes of elementary school, middle school and the teen years.

Stepping On Up With Michael PritchardIts entertaining, comic format engages students and opens the door to otherwise hard-to-tackle topics like bullying and cyber-bullying.

Each program includes four lessons presenting real-life problems in a warm-hearted, uproarious skit performed by Michael Pritchard and our lovable, zany puppet characters. The problem-solving format sparks student discussion in guided brain-storming sessions with Michael bringing his trademark insight and caring humor to research-based solutions.

Each lesson includes two video segments plus a problem-solving leaders guide, which provides detailed questions for a scripted discussion as well as follow-up activities.

This comprehensive series brings valuable new insights for educators and a powerful array of tools for guiding students through this challenging period of rapid change.

Programs can be purchased individually for $139.95 (please click on the DVD titles below to order); SPECIAL: the complete series for $529.95. Intended for grades 3-6. Copyright 2011.

Stepping Up To Bullying

  1. Dealing with Bullies
  2. Standing Up, Not Standing By
  3. Reaching Out to Victims
  4. Building Bully-Free Schools/Communities

Stepping Up to Cyber Bullying and Web Safety

  1. Being Safe and Secure on the Web
  2. Protecting Yourself from Cyber Bullying
  3. Online Rumors, Texts, and Gossip
  4. Helping and Caring in a Digital World

Stepping Up to Character

  1. The Power of Respect
  2. Making Responsible Choices
  3. Using Good Judgment
  4. Being True to Yourself

Stepping Up to Life Skills

  1. Controlling Your Anger
  2. Resolving Conflicts Creatively
  3. Learning to Bounce Back
  4. Choosing to Do Your Best




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