Starting Fresh With a Troubled Background Series (3 DVDs)


This series is ideal for ex-offenders and others with troubled and not-so-hot backgrounds.

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#5918   This popular three-part job-finding DVD series is ideal for ex-offenders and others with troubled and not-so-hot backgrounds. Each program shows how an ex-offender can overcome the many obstacles in finding a job, from organizing and implementing each step of the job search to writing honest resumes and letters and disclosing a criminal past during interviews.

Viewing time: 19 minutes each. 2007. Can purchase each separately for $108.00. SPECIAL: $299.95 for all three programs.

  • Starting Fresh: Finding a Job With a Troubled Background
    Follow Trey, a young man with a troubled past, as he tries to make a fresh start as he looks for a job that could change his life. He takes viewers on an entertaining, educational ride as he records his own video documentary of the job hunting process.Viewers learn the pitfalls and secrets of finding a job, especially for someone with a criminal past. 19 minutes. 2007.
  • Starting Fresh: Resumes and Cover Letters With a Troubled Background
    The cover letter and resume are powerful tools that can change your life, especially for anyone with a criminal record. How do you write a document that sells your skills and past experience, while trying to start fresh?Trey continues his journey by teaching viewers HOW to write honest cover letters and resumes that set them apart from the pack. Viewers also learn WHY these documents are so important for finding a job.They also learn the DO’s and DON’Ts of resumes and cover letters from those who must read them – employers. 19 minutes. 2007.
  • Starting Fresh: Interviewing With a Troubled Background
    Job interviews can be frustrating experiences, especially for ex-offenders and others with red flags in their backgrounds. After all, disclosing your past transgressions can quickly knock you out of the competition.Although interviewing is a challenge for people with a troubled past, it’s also the best opportunity to impress potential employer and land the job. This program offers sound advice and tips on what makes a successful interview from the people who conduct them – employers and staffing managers. 19 minutes. 2007.




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