Spotlight on Careers in Food (DVD)


Cheese makers and a chef/restaurant owner discuss how their careers evolved.

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Cato Corner Farm in Connecticut produces handmade gourmet cheeses prized by the upscale Blue Hill restaurants in New York. Section one of this program introduces viewers to the art and craft of cheese-making through the experiences of the mother/son team of Elizabeth MacAlister and Mark Gilman, who talk about the joys and challenges of their business as they demonstrate how they make and market their cheeses.

In section two, Dan Barber – one of America’s top chefs and owner of the Blue Hill restaurants – explains why he became a chef, how he ended up owning two restaurants, and why he’s so enthusiastic about using locally grown foods.

In English, with English-language subtitles. 21 minutes. 2007.

This item is part of the Road to Success: Stories of Career Satisfaction in Popular Fields.




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