Spotlight on Careers in Entrepreneurship (DVD)


Two well known entrepreneurs discuss how they achieved success as entrepreneurs.

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Since its founding, the Kinko’s empire, founded by Paul Orfalea, has grown to more than 1,500 stores and 23,000 employees worldwide. And Pleasant Rowland’s American Girl dolls, second only to Barbie in U.S. sales, made her $700 million when she sold her company to Mattel.

How did these incredible entrepreneurs do it?

Section one of this program profiles Orfalea, who talks about overcoming dyslexia while growing up and his business philosophy, which is based on his freethinking, creative style.

In section two, Rowland describes her motivation in creating the American Girls and how her special approach to marketing and distribution has helped make them so popular.

In English, with English-language subtitles. 20 minutes. 2007.

This item is part of the Road to Success: Stories of Career Satisfaction in Popular Fields.




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