Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential


Drawing upon a wide variety of ancient and modern conveyers of wisdom, this book teaches that inner spiritual work, not religiosity or dogma, liberates us.

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By Michael Bernard Beckwith

This book teaches that inner spiritual work, not religiosity or dogma, liberates us. To create a profound new belief synthesis, the author draws on a wide spectrum of ancient wisdom teachers such as Jesus the Christ and Gautama the Buddha; contemporary spiritual luminaries Thich Nhat Hanh, Sri Aurobindo, and the Dalai Lama; and Western contributors to the New Thought tradition of spirituality such as Emanuel Swedenborg, Walter Russell, and Dr. Howard Thurman.

Either read silently or aloud, Spiritual Liberation can be included during meditation or prayer. Each chapter provides an affirmation that distills its core concepts into a sentence or two for the reader to easily practice throughout the day. Beckwith’s personal and touching accounts guide the practitioner to integrate and activate the intrinsic gifts of divinity into everyday life.

Topics covering “Evolved People,” “Transportation to Transformation,” “Transcending the Tyranny of Trends,” and “Inner Ecology” are some of his foundational teachings that bring together insights from a range of spiritual paths to form a coherent practice that is neither Eastern nor Western but truly spiritually global. 272 pages. Hardcover with CD. November 2008.

THE AUTHOR: Michael Bernard Beckwith is the dynamic spiritual leader who touched millions of readers and viewers in The Secret and through the spiritual community he founded, the Agape International Spiritual Center.




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