Soft Skills Solutions Series (7 booklets)


Soft skills are about a person’s ability to interact effectively with colleagues, co-workers, and clients. This new series of booklets focuses on various soft skills.

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By Ann Cross and Martha Lanaghen
#8913   Soft skills are personal attributes that enhance one’s interactions, job performance, and career prospects. In many jobs, soft skills are more important than hard skills (which are about a person’s skill set and ability to perform a certain task or activity).
Employees with outstanding soft skills are increasingly being sought out by employers. The good news is that soft skills can be improved upon through study and practice.
This new series of booklets focuses on various soft skills. Each booklet covers a particular soft skill. Readers assess their soft skills and do practice exercises to improve their soft skills – and thus more readily achieve their career goals. The self-assessment gives a snapshot of their strengths and weaknesses. The booklet then provides activities that challenge them to apply these skills.
The booklets include thought-provoking questions that require reflection and honesty which, when applied, will help users identify their own opinions and beliefs relating to a specific aspect of employment success.

Copyright May 2014. Can purchase separately for $9.95 per title. SPECIALS: $41.95 for all 7 titles; $53.95 for 10 copies of a single title; $380.00 for 10 copies of all 7 titles (70 booklets).

The seven-booklet series includes:
  • Stepping Stones to Success! Goals and Attitudes
    • Assess your goal-setting skills
    • Set goals to achieve career success
    • Influence your team members with a positive attitude
    • Get noticed by maintaining a positive attitude


  • Make Yourself Heard! Professional Communication Skills
    • Assess your communication skills
    • Overcome common communication barriers
    • Become a powerful communicator


  • How You Act and Dress Matters! Professional Etiquette and Image
    • Assess your professional presence
    • Dress appropriately for the workplace
    • Demonstrate professionalism in email and phone interactions
    • Get noticed for all the right reasons


  • Wake Up and Work! Keys to Self-Management
    • Assess your self-management skills
    • Create manageable to-do lists
    • Demonstrate to employers that you are reliable and accountable


  • Demonstrate Your Value Through Collaboration! Teamwork and Motivation
    • Recognize hierarchies in your office
    • Evaluate your teamwork skills
    • Motivate yourself and others to achieve success
    • Become a valuable and effective team member


  • Play Nice and Stay Employed! Workplace Relationships and Conflicts
    • Build better work relationships
    • Interact well with executives, bosses, and colleagues
    • Manage office politics
    • Negotiate conflicts


  • Lead With Integrity! Leadership and Ethics
    • Assess your leadership skills
    • Demonstrate leadership skills
    • Make
    • ethical decisions



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