Social Skills Program (Book, Cards, and Handouts)


This reproducible program (workbook, cards, and downloadable handouts) helps students and adults develop their social skills.

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By John J. Liptak, Ed.D.

#5578   This reproducible program provides self-assessments, educational handouts, and group treatment activities. Focuses on:

  • communication effectiveness
  • conflict resolution
  • interpersonal skills
  • social risk taking
  • social support
Contains 25 educational handouts that can be turned into overheads/transparencies in your photocopier. The card deck contains 75 questions that correlate with the book and can be divided into mini-decks to cover the 5 topics listed above.
Suitable for Grade 5 to adults. 112 pages. 9 x 11. Spiral-bound and cards included. Downloadable handouts. 2004. $67.90.

Click HERE to download the instructional handouts or paste this URL into your browser: file:///C:/Users/Krannich/Downloads/Social%20Skills%20Program%2072161.pdf




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