Secrets of Special Ops Leadership


Applies the principles of Special Ops leadership training to businesses seeking to achieve the seemingly impossible for their companies.

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By William A. Cohen

The Navy SEALs, Green Berets, and Delta Force are just a few examples of what are known as “special ops” – unique fighting forces trained to beat overwhelming odds on every mission.

Elite units such as these have, throughout history, accomplished extremely challenging tasks against vastly superior forces. When something seemingly impossible must be achieved, special ops forces are the ones called upon for a miracle.

Just as special ops are needed for critical tasks in battle, ultra-high achievers are needed for special circumstances in business: situations where time is important, when resources are low or insufficient, where you are challenging conventional wisdom or established competitors, or where crisis is imminent. But can commando techniques really work in business?

If you can inspire and lead your employees to work at peak performance, they will accomplish dramatic, almost fantastic feats for you – just as fighting commandos do in battle situations.

Secrets of Special Ops Leadership reveals the essential methods commando leaders employ, using dramatic real-life stories of commando leadership from biblical times all the way up through Iraq and Afghanistan in 2005, and showing how similar techniques are used by present-day business leaders such as Steve Jobs, Mary Kay Ash, Robert Townsend, and others. You’ll learn the 14 core practices of special ops leadership, including how to

  • Create the Best
    If you think you can just call some of your regular employees together and give them a pep talk and an impossible task to do, you’re wrong. Business commandos aren’t born. They must be created. Your first task as a special ops business leader is to recruit, select, train, and motivate the right people.

  • Build a Commando Team
    Using models such as Carlson’s Raiders, who fought for the U.S. Marines during World War II, the book explains how to work with different personalities, agendas, priorities, and motivations to create a team that works efficiently and effectively to get the job done.

  • Dare the Impossible
    Like the Sayeret Mat’kal, the Israeli Special Ops unit that staged the miraculous raid on Entebbe to free hostages on an Air France plane hijacked by terrorists in 1976, successful business ops must aggressively seek out opportunities and know when to transcend conventional thinking to stage an assault and take action.
When they’ve got the right problems to work on, business commandos can do many times the work of normal employees, accomplish more with less, complete projects against looming deadlines, and create innovative new products and strategies.

Secrets of Special Ops Leadership gives you the ammunition you need to get a business commando unit up and running and achieve the impossible for your organization. 260 pages. Softcover. 2008.



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