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Lisa Ling goes in depth into the role technology plays in the mental health crisis.

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#10005  Lisa Ling goes in depth into the role technology plays in the mental health crisis. Segments of the video include the following:

Why Are We So Out of Touch? (02:58)

Depression, self-harm, and suicide are on the rise among young people, and some are blaming Silicon Valley for creating an environment that encourages addiction to smartphones and other devices.

Online Addiction can Lead to Teen’s Suicide (03:51)

Many teens now have multiple online accounts, a public one, and a private one for a select group of people. They exist across platforms (Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter) but are most common on Instagram, where they’re known as finstas, or fake Instagrams. While it is called fake, what kids post there can often be more real than their public accounts.

Leah’s Secret Online Account (02:44)

The interviewee misses her best friend, Morgan, who she met when she was five years old. Morgan was someone she could talk to about anything and was like a sister to her. She misses the comfort and support Morgan provided. However, they both had secret online accounts. When Morgan started self-harming, Leah was there for her. They turned to the internet for help rather than reaching out to their parents.

Teen Suicide Online (02:19)

Morgan was an active user of social media, particularly Tumblr, where she would post images and text from dark and anguished corners of the internet. She became consumed by her online identity, to the point where she believed that the darkness fed the darkness.

Did Technology Play a Role in Morgan’s Death (05:10)

Technology played a role in Morgan’s death by causing her to be distracted and stressed. She also reached to technology for help, instead of to her parents or other adults.

Impact of Screen Addiction (04:17)

John Jones became addicted to video games in high school, and eventually stopped speaking altogether. He traces the route of his difficulties back to a single moment in childhood, when a trauma changed his life. He had a wonderful life growing up but abuse at an early age might have been the cause of his media addiction.

What’s Happening in the Tech World? (03:31)

Some of Apple’s largest shareholders are urging the tech company to combat smartphone addiction, which is caused by the way these companies design their products to keep us hooked.

Silicon Valley Parents Spooked (03:16)

Waldorf schools don’t allow technology in the classroom until high school, and even then, it’s used sparingly. They believe that technology can’t replace important aspects of a child’s education, like interacting with other people and exploring the world around them.

ReSTART, a Residential Treatment Program (02:22)

ReSTART is a residential treatment program that specializes in screen addiction. In treatment, participants detox from all things digital for two months. This can be difficult at first, but with time, participants learn to enjoy nature and find other ways to have fun.

Screen Addiction Treatment (02:19)

Kids are spending too much time on screens, and it’s costing them relationships and their ambitions. Treatment programs help fight the addiction.

Addiction to Technology (03:46)

John will have to overcome one of his biggest fears and do something he hasn’t done in a very long time. John’s parents, Kevin and Elizabeth, flew in this morning. They’re here for a family focused weekend. It is a chance to involve them in the recovery process.

Moving Forward After Addiction Treatment (02:19)

John is graduating from a residential program that helps him deal with his addiction to technology, specifically video games. He has a plan to avoid relapsing, which includes abstinence from technology, actively participating in social activities, and exercise. He has also written a letter to his family.

Achieving Life Balance (02:40)

John’s life balance plan includes reducing his use of technology, setting boundaries, and reaching out to loved ones. He feels motivated to change and rebuild trust with his family.

Total running time is 43 minutes. © 2018

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