Salary Negotiation Tips for Professionals: Compensation That Reflects Your Value



Salary negotiation strategies for people earning $50,000+ a year, who want to receive compensation that reflects their value.

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By Ron and Caryl Krannich, Ph.Ds

#3864   Designed for individuals making $50,000+ a year, this book draws upon the rich career counseling methods and cases of success associated with leading career professionals.

Reveals a wealth of strategies and tips on how to effectively negotiate a compensation package that truly reflects one’s value in today’s job market. Outlines numerous salary mistakes job seekers make, as well as offers a quiz to assess one’s salary negotiating skills.

This well-focused book shows how to:

  • determine your market value
  • respond to questions about salary history or requirements
  • postpone salary discussions until the appropriate time
  • persuade an employer to show his hand first
  • respond to an offer with a powerful 30-second pause
  • negotiate important benefits and perks
  • handle objections to your salary request
  • offer incentivized pay and renegotiation options
  • request time to consider an offer
  • ask for a raise and get a promotion
This book may well become your most trusted resource for talking money to power. Whatever you do, make sure you review this book before responding to a request for salary information, going to a job interview, discussing compensation, or accepting a job offer.

144 pages. 6 x 9. January 2005. $16.95. SPECIALS: 10 copies for $134.95; 100 copies for $999.95.

THE AUTHORS: Ron Krannich and Caryl Krannich are two of America’s leading career and travel writers with more than 100 books to their credit.


  • Making More Money Through Negotiations
  • Common Mistakes You Must Avoid
  • Major Compensation Options and Issues
  • Calculate Your Worth
  • Deal Effectively With Compensation Issues
  • Asking and Answering Salary Questions
  • Negotiate a Winning Compensation Package
  • Getting Raises and Promotions
  • The Quick and Easy Salary Advisor


“An ideal introduction to the art and craft of bargaining with an employer with respect to compensation for the employee…should be seriously considered as “must” reading for anyone seeking to improve the quality and quantity of their wages and fringe benefits.” Midwest Book Review/The Bookwatch

“Strips away many of the mysteries and provides well-illustrated how-to tips on salary negotiation most readers will find sometime surprising and always useful….This is one book you need to read to prepare for what will be some of the most valuable negotiations in your life….A valuable guide for the salary negotiator. Recommended.” The Negotiator Magazine

“THANK YOU! Reading your book and conducting a couple of hours of research allowed me to net a significant improvement in pay. They originally offered me an 8% increase in base pay over my current salary. Including my new employer’s bonus program, I was offered a 19-30% raise, which ended up going to 25-37%.” M.A.

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