Romantic Intelligence: How to Be as Smart in Love as You Are in Life


Provides much needed insights and help for developing strong, loving relationships.

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By Mary and John Valentis, Ph.D.s

High intelligence may predict your speed at solving math problems or whether you will win a Nobel Prize, but it doesn’t guarantee success, happiness, or personal fulfillment. Being smart in life requires much more than a high IQ.

A more reliable indicator of happiness potential is your EQ-Emotional Quotient: the measure of your emotional depth and dexterity. Satisfying relationships rely on “romantic intelligence” – a set of attitudes and behaviors that work together to build fantastic partnerships.

From this practical book, learn how to enhance emotional self-awareness. Practice emotional honesty and deal with toxic emotions: jealousy, competition, control, and dependency. Understand what really makes love work and how to make it happen.

192 pages. 6 x 9. Softcover. 2003.




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