Rich Dad’s Before You Quit Your Job


Ten real-life lessons every entrepreneur should know about building a multimillion-dollar business.

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By Robert T. Kiyosaki, with Sharon L. Lechter

#4741. The real secret to making money and reaching financial independence is not staying an employee, but starting a company and quickly developing it. This book is for aspiring entrepreneurs who need to know how to take those first crucial steps.

In this book, Robert T. Kiyosaki provides first-hand accounts of his own start-up companies, and what he learned from his failures and successes. Readers will discover:

  • How to determine whether an idea is a good one
  • How to write a solid business plan
  • Where to find OPM (Other People’s Money) to finance that plan
  • How to incorporate for business and tax purposes
  • How to find key advisors to develop the plan
  • How to best launch the product or service
  • And more!

The “Rich Dad” experts explain everything readers need to successfully start their own businesses. 259 pages. September 2005. $16.95



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