Rein in Your Brain Book: From Impulsivity to Thoughtful Living in Recovery


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Cynthia Moreno Tuohy and Victoria Costello
#9201.  Addiction – whether to mood-altering substances, gambling, sex, or food – stems in part from an over-reliance on the reward system of a primitive part of the brain that can push us to make poor choices based on an expectation of immediate gratification.
Those of us in recovery often struggle with the compulsive thoughts and behaviors that are still programmed in our addictive brains well after the drinking and drugging has stopped. These often play out thoughtlessly in our interactions with others, damaging our relationships and growth as balanced human beings.
Rein in Your Brain offers 10 tools for breaking the cycle of impulsive and compulsive behavior. These time-tested self-interventions include:
  • standing still in the moment
  • giving up control
  • not assuming the other person’s intent
  • tolerating differences
  • accepting emotions without giving them free reign
  • differentiating between immediate fear-driven reactions and measured thoughts
By incorporating these tools in your daily interactions, your relationships can move from those of conflict to mutual respect and understanding.
240 pages. Softcover. 2014. $14.95. SPECIALS: 10 copies for $134.95; 100 copies for $1,195.95.

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