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This three-program DVD presents the most recent research on what people do to successfully recover from addiction.

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By Terence T. Gorski

#4182  This three-program DVD presents the most recent research on what people do to successfully recover from addiction. Designed to guide viewers through a process that allows them to understand the recovery process, build a foundation for successful recovery, and create a quality recovery that will support sober and responsible living in all stages of life development.

Viewing time: 33 to 42 minutes per program. $399.00 for the DVD.

  • The Recovery Process (33 minutes)
    The first program gives an overview of what happens when people successfully recover. It reviews the six major goals of addiction recovery and presents the stages of the developmental model.


  • Building a Foundation for Recovery (42 minutes)
    The second program describes the first three stages of the recovery process: Transition, Stabilization, and Early Recovery.

    • During the Transition stage, people recognize they are addicted and become willing to recover.
    • During the Stabilization stage, they stop using alcohol and other drugs and recover from withdrawal. They develop a structured recovery program.
    • During the Early Recovery stage, people identify and change their addictive ways of thinking and their addictive ways of managing feelings, emotions, and addictive behaviors.


  • Creating a Quality Recovery (35 minutes)
    The third program reviews the last three stages of the recovery process: Middle Recovery, Late Recovery, and Maintenance.

    • During the Middle Recovery stage, people repair the lifestyle damage done by addiction. They then build a new and more effective lifestyle.
    • During the Late Recovery stage, people identify the self-limiting beliefs that make them miserable in sobriety. They also learn to identify and grow beyond mistaken childhood beliefs.
    • During the Maintenance stage, they learn how to maintain their sobriety and avoid relapse. They learn how to responsibly cope with ongoing changes in their lives in a sober and responsible way


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