Real Life Parenting Skills Program (Streaming Video Only Version)


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#9955  This three-part multimedia program produced by Hazelden (#7045) helps parents recovering from alcoholism and/or an addiction restore their relationship with their children. They may also need to learn, or re-learn, how to treat their children with love and respect.

The streaming video version of this program consists of:

  • 3 videos (one for each of the three sections — Building TrustHandling Anger, and Setting Rules and Limits; each is closed-captioned, and viewing time is 15-17 minutes per video). The three sections of the program are:
  • #49377–Building Trust
    A supportive family life plays a vital role in maintaining recovery. The information, exercises, and dramatizations found in this multi-format program help parents who are recovering from alcoholism or drug addiction:
    • recognize the impact our substance abuse had on our children
    • understand and respond sensitively to the feelings their children may have toward them
    • develop skills to rebuild trust
    • learn ways to nurture through basic family organization and honor family traditions
  • #49376–Handling Anger
    Angry confrontations often block parents’ progress to rebuild family life during recovery. These materials help recovering chemically dependent parents:

    • learn how to “name and tame” their anger before venting it on their children
    • understand how to prevent angry exchanges by taking care of their own and their children’s basic needs
    • develop skills to deal effectively with their children’s anger or other strong emotions
    • learn how to communicate anger clearly and respectfully
  • #49375–Setting Rules and Limits
    Re-assuming parental responsibility once they achieve sobriety presents a dramatic change that their children may not welcome and parents may be ill-equipped to handle. The information in this multi-format program helps parents who are recovering from substance abuse:

    • understand what limits are and how to set them jointly with their children
    • learn how to establish consequences, and determine when and how to enforce them
    • define their own personal limits and be good role models for their children
    • use family meetings and contracts                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                © 1995. $99.00 each or $297.00 for all 3 programs + FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING 




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Building Trust, Handling Anger, Setting Rules and Limits, Complete 3-Video Program