Re-Entry Success Pocket Guides


These six budget-friendly resources focus on helping ex-offenders make smart decisions for re-entering the free world and staying out for good!

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#7498. These great budget-friendly resources were written by leading career/life skill experts, designed to fit conveniently into pockets or handbags, and written in an engaging, user-friendly format.

They focus on helping ex-offenders who are dealing with re-entry issues make smart decisions using key resources. Each is packed with checklists, questionnaires, and examples to help readers’ chances of success on the outside.

Each is 64 pages, 3 7/8″ x 4 7/8″, and can be purchased separately by clicking on the titles below.

SPECIALS: The complete set of six guides for $20.95. SPECIALS: 25 sets of 6 guides for $495.95; 50 sets of 6 guides for $875.00; 100 sets of 6 guides for $1,539.00; 1,000 sets of 6 guides for $11,999.00.

The set of guides includes:

  • The Anger Management Pocket Guide – A terrific handout for counselors and other professionals to give clients who are struggling with anger management issues, especially those experiencing co-occurring disorders (substance abuse, depression, anxiety, OCD, phobias), and/or those who are incarcerated with anger, rage, and violence issues. $2.95
  • The Re-Entry Personal Finance Pocket Guide – Designed for ex-offenders re-entering society with few supports, lifelines, and skills, this guide provides sound advice that will help readers survive and stay out for good. $2.95
  • The Re-Entry Employment and Life Skills Pocket Guide – Presents essential personal and employability information for those who are transitioning to the free world. Includes self-assessments, checklists, tips, and a documentation section that can be referred to quickly as needed. $3.95
  • The Re-Entry Start-Up Pocket Guide – Helps ex-offenders remain positive, focused, and entrepreneurial as they both map and navigate the often confusing and overlapping maze of re-entry programs and services available through a jungle of agencies and organizations. $2.95
  • The Quick Job Finding Pocket Guide – Written in user-friendly language for anyone seeking employment, this guide is filled with essential job hunting information organized around a 10-step job search process. $4.95
  • Re-Imagining Life on the Outside Pocket Guide – Helps ex-offenders jump-start their lives by re-imagining an alternative reality within their grasp — a positive and hopeful future filled with purpose, passion, meaning, empathy, and love. $3.95


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