Quick Tips to Excellent Test Reading Comprehension Series (DVDs)


Improving reading comprehension during statewide assessment testing is the goal of this series.

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The series provides a review of important test-taking techniques. Improving reading comprehension during assessment testing is the goal of this series. Each of the four DVDs packs an on-target summary of the necessary skills for applying what students have been taught to the high-pressure setting of assessment testing.

Viewing time: 7-10 minutes each. 2003. $285.00 for the series with worksheets, or $215 without worksheets (please see the Product Options box above).

  • Reading Strategies in Content Areas – Specific goals and tips for the types of texts found in assessment tests and test-taking strategies that help improve scores are covered.
  • Summarizing Nonfiction and Finding Supportive Details – Reviews the steps that help to concisely and accurately capture the central meaning of the original text.
  • Understanding Literary Devices – Reviews how questions are presented on literary devices: allusion, symbolism, figurative language, and imagery. Shows how to read and break down test sample readings.
  • Analyzing Current Themes in Literature – Reviews tips and techniques for applying, explaining, and interpreting archetypal characters, themes, and settings.

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