Quick Tips to Awesome Test Taking Skills Series (DVDs)


These DVDs present a review of the tips and techniques for test success, and include test-taking strategy and tactics.

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Each program in this DVD series addresses an important set of testing skills. The programs present a review of the tips and techniques for test success. Test-taking strategies and tactics are also covered.

Each program combines expert tips with problem-solving examples directly applicable to the classroom. The DVDs feature high information density, positive attitude, and exciting and effective presentation.
Viewing time: 6-10 minutes per program. 2003. $215.00 for one set of four programs; $285.00 for the set plus worksheets. Please see the Product Options box above when ordering.

  • Conquering Test Anxiety – A review of the most effective techniques and tips to deal with test anxiety.
  • How to Dissect a Test Question – Demonstrates critical thinking processes and helps students base their answers to test questions on what is stated or implied in the written passages.
  • Involving Parents in Test Taking Success – It is well documented that parents are a critical element in students’ testing success. This video reviews the proven practices that parents and students can follow together to help improve test scores.
  • Tricks for Improving Test Scores – Demonstrates easy-to-use, common sense test-taking strategies, such as reviewing the test instructions before the test and narrowing down the right answer by eliminating distractions and false leads.

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