Project Northland: Alcohol Use Prevention Curriculum for Grades 6-8


Developed by the University of Minnesota, this evidence-based program reduced teen alcohol use by 30 percent after its initial 3-year test program. It has proven to delay, prevent, and reduce alcohol use among middle and high school students.

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#7039. This series for middle school and high school students is a state-of-the-art alcohol-use prevention program backed by more than 18 years of research and more than 45 scientific publications. Students participating in Project Northland showed a 30% reduction in weekly drinking and a 20% reduction in monthly drinking. Research also shows that Project Northland can significantly reduce teen marijuana and tobacco use.

Now in its second edition, Project Northland includes helpful new resources, reflects greater diversity, is more user-friendly, shows realistic situations facing today’s youth, and retains the powerful prevention messages of the original edition. Updated storylines address the issues facing today’s young people.
The CD-ROM that is included with each grade version contains reproducible resources, including additional parent materials in English and Spanish.
Each can be purchased separately for $229.00, and the Program Guide for $195.00; the comprehensive collection for $625.00.
  • Sixth Grade: Slick Tracy. Engages students with its comic book theme, diverse characters, and exciting activities. Includes a manual, CD-ROM, poster, and 30 sets of 4 comic books.
  • Seventh Grade: Amazing Alternatives!  Reduces the social acceptability of alcohol use, encourages alcohol-free options, and helps students identify and resist influences to drink. Includes a manual, CD-ROM, audio CD, and 2 posters.
  • Eighth Grade: PowerLines. Helps students recognize their power to be positive influences in their community, at home, and at school. Includes a manual, CD-ROM, audio CD, and 2 posters.
  • Program Guide. This manual with CD-ROM and DVD provides information for administrators and program coordinators about funding, outreach, community mobilization, and maintaining program momentum.





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Complete Collection, Slick Tracy DVD, Amazing Alternatives DVD, PowerLines DVD, Program Guide


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