Pre-GED Series (DVDs)


This program helps students master all the skills needed to pass the GED.

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The Pre-GED series is an essential prerequisite to the GED series. From writing a winning essay and interpreting business documents to solving quadratic equations and using your calculators, this program helps students master all the skills needed to pass the GED!

Includes five programs on 11 DVDs as well as free downloadable study guides. Can purchase separately for $79.95 each. SPECIAL: $379.95 for all five programs.

  • Pre-GED Language Arts, Reading (2 DVDs, 4 hours, 17 min.)
    • Learn new vocabulary by using word roots and context clues
    • Find the main idea in whatever you read
    • Understand the role of details in all kinds of reading passages
    • Recognize the authors purpose and message
    • How plot, characters, setting, and tone bring literature to life
    • How poets use rhythm, rhyme, imagery, and symbols

  • Pre-GED Language Arts, Writing (2 DVDs, 3 hours)
    • How to use the dictionary to learn new words
    • Easy ways to improve your spelling and punctuation
    • The rules of grammar made simple
    • The right and wrong ways to use English words
    • How to correct errors in sentences structure, usage, and mechanics
    • Quick tips to make your writing clear, concise, and interesting

  • Pre-GED Mathematics (3 DVDs, 5 hours, 14 min.)
    • Easy-to-follow lessons in algebra, geometry, and coordinate geometry
    • Proven strategies for solving word problems
    • Make common sense work for you on multiple-choice questions
    • Convert the skills you already have into the math techniques you need
    • How to apply mathematics to real-life situations
    • How to avoid the math mistakes that are tested on the GED

  • Pre-GED Science (2 DVDs, 3 hours, 28 min.)
    • The basic principles of scientific thinking
    • How to figure out the meanings of unfamiliar scientific words
    • Make sense of those tough science reading passages
    • Accurately interpret graphs, tables, and diagrams
    • Analyze scientific evidence and form hypotheses
    • Learn to identify the parts of a scientific experiment

  • Pre-GED Social Studies (2 DVDs, 3 hours, 28 min.)
    • Basic thinking skills for social studies
    • Recognize the difference between fact and opinion
    • Accurately analyze graphs, tables, maps, and cartoons
    • Understand reading passages about social studies
    • Important concepts in history and other areas tested on the GED
    • How world and national events reflect historical and social trends

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