Power Source Video Series (DVDs)

These programs provide a dynamic interactive tool for working with highly at-risk youth.

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By Bethany Casarjian, Ph.D., and Robin Casarjian, M.A., and others

#6382   This series, designed to be used groups or individuals, provides a dynamic interactive tool for working with highly at-risk youth. From the authors of the acclaimed Power Source book and facilitator’s manual, these DVDs address the core components of the program.

Viewers see at-risk youth gaining insight into their lives and finding more adaptive solutions to deal with the issues that have led them to high-risk behavior.

The DVDs both broaden and intensify the impact of the Power Source curricula and can be used to augment other curricula serving this population.

The four DVDs in the series are:

The first two DVDs, Risk-Taking and Meditation, are at the core of the Power Source Program.

It is, most often, negative risk-taking that brings a young person to the attention of authorities and frequently into the criminal justice system. Meditation is a powerful tool to help young people gain control over their emotions and prepare them for making constructive choices about their future.

The third, Families, explores serious family problems, the emotions they evoke in children, and adaptive ways to deal with resulting stress and trauma.

The fourth, Childhoods and Entitlement, helps young people identify the feelings arising from experiences of early deprivation and explores how entitlement behavior ensues; it then guides viewers in developing effective skills to meet their needs in healthy ways.

Can purchase each program separately for $75.00 each. SPECIAL: $289.00 for the set of four programs.

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