Power Source Curriculum Program (for Juveniles)


This is a curriculum program that helps highly at-risk youth and young adults discover the best in themselves.

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By Bethany Casarjian

#6372  Used in 3,500 sites throughout the United States, including juvenile institutions and detention centers, private and public schools, residential programs, group homes and community programs, this unique program that helps highly at-risk youth discover the best in themselves.

It addresses techniques and strategies for impulse control, anger management, stress reduction, and conflict resolution; high-risk behaviors, such as substance abuse, criminal activity, and gang involvement; and childhood abuse and neglect and the resulting feelings of shame, grief, anger, and loss.

The program includes:

The book (manual) is available in English or Spanish. If you want the Spanish version, please specify when placing an order. Otherwise, the English version will be sent by default.

SPECIAL: The complete program (20 books, 20 workbooks, one facilitator’s manual, and four DVDs) for $838.00.




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