Power of Purpose: Find Meaning, Live Longer, Better (3rd Edition)

Helps readers create a life filled with greater meaning and passion.

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By Richard J. Leider
#1655. We all want to find our purpose – that thing that makes us feel like our life matters. In this new edition of his bestselling classic, legendary personal coach Richard Leider offers brand-new tools and techniques for unlocking it.

The third edition has been completely revised and updated. In addition to new stories, examples, and resources, it features four new chapters:

  • Purpose across the Ages looks at how purpose can evolve during our lives.
  • The 24-Hour Purpose Retreat includes seven mind-opening questions to help you unlock your purpose.
  • The Purpose Checkup offers a new tool for periodically evaluating the health of your purpose.
  • Can Science Explain Purpose? tells us what researchers are discovering about how an increased sense of purpose can improve our health, healing, happiness, longevity, and productivity.
Leider details a graceful, practical, and ultimately spiritual process for making it central to your life. This revitalized guide will help you integrate it into everything you do.

216 pages. Softcover. 5½ x 8½. 2015. $19.95




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