Power of Choice (for grades 9-12) (DVDs)


This 12-part youth guidance series teaches young people that they are responsible for the choices they make, and that they owe it to themselves to choose the best.

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#7496. This is a 12-part youth guidance DVD series, featuring Michael Pritchard, aimed at empowering teenagers to make good choices in their lives. It teaches young people that they have the power of choice, that they are responsible for the choices they make, and that they owe it to themselves to choose the best.

Used as a springboard for group discussion, this series is highly effective at triggering teenagers to talk openly about their personal thoughts, feelings, and experiences, and to look critically at how they make choices.

Each program comes with a companion guide filled with discussion questions, group activities, and writing assignments. Can purchase each separately, or the 12-part set for $649.50.

Titles include:

  1. The Power of Choice – Comedian/teen counselor Michael Pritchard visits high schools in San Francisco, Denver, New York City, and Biloxi, Mississippi to show young people how to be V.I.P.’s – to use Vision, Initiative, and Perspective as tools for making good choices.Among the many topics they discuss are peer pressure, self esteem, parent relations, teen pregnancy, and drug and alcohol use. Viewing time: 1 hour. $79.95.
  2. Acting on Your Values – Michael Pritchard talks with students in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Cleveland, and Minneapolis to discover how our values can guide us in making choices that are right for us.This is a candid exploration of the values on which today’s teens base their lives, where those values come from, and what meaning they have, as teenagers grow toward adulthood. Viewing time: 1/2 hour. $64.95.
  3. Self-Esteem – Michael Pritchard and high school students from various cities in the U.S. discuss self-esteem: what is is, what it does for us, how we can enhance it, how we can undermine it, and how we affect the self-esteem of those around us.The underlying message of this show is that good self-esteem leads to good choices, and good choices lead to higher self-esteem. Viewing time: 1/2 hour. $64.95.
  4. Coping With Pressures – Michael Pritchard talks with students from various cities about the pressures they face, from academic competition to peer acceptance to parental expectations.In small group dialogues, they grapple with ways of keeping pressure in perspective and handling it in a manner that serves their best interests. Viewing time: 1/2 hour. $64.95.
  5. Drugs and Alcohol, Part I – In this program, Michael Pritchard encourages teenagers to come to grips with the question of what to do when “just say no” and “just say yes” just won’t do.Students from high schools in Atlanta and Albuquerque talk openly and honestly about the choices (good and bad) they have made with alcohol and drug use. Viewing time: 1/2 hour. $64.95.
  6. Drugs and Alcohol, Part II – Michael Pritchard and high school students in various cities examine how chemical abuse damages relationships, what you can and cannot do about it, and how to respond when a chemically dependent person asks you for help.It is a useful and enlightening look at what to do when someone you care about is hooked. Viewing time: 1/2 hour. $64.95.
  7. Drinking and Driving – Michael Pritchard visits with teenagers in several cities to talk about how to stay out of (or get out of) drinking/driving predicaments and still be cool.As one boy so honestly put it, “It’s hard for guys like me who aren’t very popular. Friendships I have with guys who brag about dope, drinking, and wild parties are important. A lot of times you just go along with it and tell yourself next time you won’t do it. But then you go along with them anyway.” Viewing time: 1/2 hour. $64.95.
  8. Sex – Michael Pritchard and students from various cities take on the thorny issues they face in making decisions about sex. As they attempt to juggle runaway hormones, religious values, peer pressures, sexually transmitted diseases, and unwanted pregnancies, these teens search for an answer to the age-old riddle of how to make choices tonight that you can live with tomorrow. Viewing time: 1/2 hour. $64.95.
  9. Friendship and Dating – Michael Pritchard and high school students in several cities take a heartwarming look at how to create and maintain quality relationships. They identify the ingredients of good friendships, consider how their own actions affect those friendships, examine the dynamics and expectations of romantic and dating relationships, and discuss how these relationships change as we grow up.As one boy in Brooklyn said, “When I started dating, my Mom told me to treat girls the way I’d want boys to treat my sister.” Pritchard’s response: “You have a great mother.” Viewing time: 1/2 hour. $64.95.
  10. Depression and Suicide – This program, which was videotaped in two high schools still reverberating from recent suicides, presents a clear-minded look at what to do if you or someone you care about is at risk.Michael Pritchard and teens in two cities identify the signs frequently exhibited by people who are at risk for suicide and discuss the recommended procedures for intervening. In addition, they examine ways of coping with the depression and stress that often leads to suicide, and encourage people to ask for help when they feel themselves at risk.

    As one student emphatically puts it, “Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.” Viewing time: 1/2 hour. $64.95.

  11. Communicating With Parents – Michael Pritchard visits high schools in two cities to explore the critical issue of teen-parent communications.Through probing dialogue and hypothetical situations, they examine some of the ways in which family communication gets blocked, and consider what kinds of choices they can make to improve the situation. Viewing time: 1/2 hour. $64.95.
  12. Raising Your Parents – Michael Pritchard and high school students in various cities take on the age-old question of how to make their relationship with their parents work better.By defining what they want in their relationship with their parents, and examining how their own actions affect that relationship, these teenagers uncover some of the keys to getting what they want in the teen/parent alliance. Viewing time: 1/2 hour. $64.95.

NOTE: This product is a good substitute for customers who like the “Reality Matters” DVDs, which are no longer available.




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