Picking Up the Pieces: A Workbook for Incarcerated Women


Addresses the needs of women in the corrections system.

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By Beverly Kay Welo

#4290. Pain and loss are a fact of life, especially when you lose your freedom. In many cases, people cannot effectively deal with these issues. They make poor decisions that send their lives on a downward spiral.

Until now, most resources were written to help men overcome loss, but very little attention was given to the needs of women. This all changes with this book.

109 pages. Softcover. 2004. SPECIALS: 10 copies for $180.00; 100 copies for $1,600.00.

Chapters include:

  • Issues of Grief and Loss
  • The Modern View of Death and Loss
  • “Normal” Life and the Cycle of Grief
  • Pain Avoidance and Substance Abuse
  • Grief and Incarceration
  • Denial and Protest
  • Grief Proper and Acceptance
  • Reinvestment and Resolution

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